Ricky Gamble
    for District 3 
       County Commissioner
Dear Suwannee County Resident, 	
My name is Richard Gamble and I feel it important to inform you 
what I would bring to the office of County Commissioner District 3.  
The duties and responsibilities of a County Commissioner are strong 
leadership, financial experience, and an ear to hear the voice of his
constituency. I feel strongly I have these qualities and I’m eager to 
represent District 3.I am a lifelong resident of Suwannee County.  
I have a wonderful wife, Shae, and 2 beautiful children, Dawson (4) 
and Hannah (2).  I have been a member of Pleasant Hill Baptist 
Church since 1997. I graduated Suwannee High School in 1998 and 
then attended North Florida Community College receiving an 
Associate degree.  I earned three certificates from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services becoming state certified in pest management.  In 2004, I began working with the Florida Department of Corrections and in 2009, promoted to Sergeant at Suwannee Correctional Institution.  As a founding member of the Rapid Response Team, the K-9 team, and the CERT team I earned a “Coin of Excellence” award from the Secretary of the Florida Department of Corrections for my performance.  In 2011, I was appointed a General Instructor for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement certifying me to train other Law Enforcement Officers. I’m currently the assistant team leader for the CERT team whose primary focus is hostage rescue.
In 2007, I began my own pest control business.  Since then, I have successfully grown my business to over 300 clients maintaining a profitable operation.  My broad experience in both the private and public sector have proven me prepared to serve you as a County Commissioner.  I thank you for your time and humbly ask for support on August 14th by voting Ricky Gamble for County Commissioner District 3.  If you have any questions about me or my views, please feel free to call me at 386-590-2413.

Ricky Gamble

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Richard Gamble, Republican, for Suwannee County Commission, District 3